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Mad Jack Brewing Co.

The Van Dyck Lounge is proud to announce the recreation of the historic brewery that was once the center of Schenectady. Named after John (Jack) McDonald, Mad Jack Brewing Company is a collection of unique beers that each have their own personality and flavor. The same McDonald family that has brought you other unique establishments in the area, Pinhead Susan's, The Van Dyck Lounge and The Stockade Inn, welcomes you to stop by and have a taste for yourself!

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That's right, Mad Jack can be found at other establishments around the Capital Region!
Our list is always growing, so check back here for the latest hot spots pouring Mad Jack.

The Stockade Inn, Schenectady NYPinhead Susan's, Schenectady NY - DeAngelos' Ristorante, Rotterdam NY -  The Lager House, Latham NY - Power's Pub, Clifton Park NY - 20 North Broadway, Schenectady NY - Johnny's, Schenectady NY - Merkins, Ballston Lake, NY - Ryan's Wake, Troy NY - Centre Street Pub, Schenectady NY

What's On Tap

  • :: Bellevue Blonde ::

    Named after Schenectady's beloved neighborhood, this light-bodied brew has a malty finish with a mild hop bite
    5.0% ABV 22 IBU

  • :: ALCo. Ale ::

    Brewed in honor of the American Locomotive Company once located here in Schenectady. Crafted with a caboose load of Bravo hops, this ale was cold fermented for a hoppy, bitter, crisp and clean finish.
    6.2 % ABV 40 IBU

  • :: Pinhead Pale Ale ::

    A medium bodied Pale Ale with an American hop aroma. Caramel flavors dominate, followed by hop bitterness.
    5.1% ABV 30 IBU

  • :: Fightin' Irwin IPA ::

    This copper colored ales aroma is dominated by citrusy American hops. The flavor begins with caramel and hop flavors that give way to a potent lingering bitterness
    6.2% ABV 52 IBU

  • :: Dutchmen Lager ::

    The lager of champions!! A soft toffee flavor is balanced by a light hoppy bitterness. Mild, easy drinking.
    4.7% ABV 26 IBU

  • :: River's Rye ::

    A bit of a gamble, this unfiltered Belgian Pale Ale is loaded with Equinox and Sorachi Ace hops for a distinct lemon and fruit punch character along with a touch of rye malt for a subtle, slightly spicy finish.
    5.8% ABV 35 IBU

  • :: State Street Saison ::

    This farmhouse-style ale was traditionally brewed by Belgian and French farmers to quench their thirst after long days in the field. The flavor is dominated by a Belgian yeast blend yielding fruity/spicy characteristics, while Vienna, Wheat and Pilsner malts round out the finish.
    7.4% ABV 37 IBU

  • :: Mont Pleasant Porter ::

    Deep and complex with generous portions of Brown, Munich and Vienna malts. Our Porter has flavors reminiscent of coffee, chocolate and toffee. Robust and smooth with a mild hop character.
    6.8% ABV 35 IBU

  • :: Scotch Ale ::

    Big, smooth and slightly sweet, an extended boil and heaps of character malts gives this full bodied brew a delightful caramel color and flavor.
    7.3% ABV 40 IBU

  • :: Tub's Stout ::

    Sweeter and more full bodied than a Guinness, the aroma is full of roasted malt with hints of alcohol. Hints of cocoa in the flavor.
    5.6% ABV 33 IBU